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"Crafting immersive visuals that captivate audiences and skyrocket brands"

Director, DESIGNER, ArtisT.

Art Direction, 3D Animation, Environment Design

motion arts

Crown-Royal-Logo copy.png

Commissioned by Vanyer3 Media

to create the design for Crown Royal's #ThatDeservesACrown campaign.

AJV Logo_V1 Shadow T.png

Personal Project. Rendered in 6K.

Displayed at music festivals,

on 30 ft LED wall.


Created animation to showcase two new UGC outfits Roblox created around "The Classic" global event in 2024.

Porsche Logo.png

Designed for Porsche Taycan 2024.

A brand campaign that visualizes EVs leaving a green path in their wake. 

Fire Dragon Chest.jpg
lucidity logo.png

Designed 888 unique NFT's

for Lucidity Festival's

Lucid Multiverse Project

fig mountiain logo.png

Animated vector illustration of bird in bullet time. Created 3D scene from scratch, lit and animated. 

Thor Logo.png

Created artwork for THOR AV's showcase at NAB National Innovation conference.

Rendered in 5K, display 20x20 FT

AJV Logo_V1 Shadow T.png

Explore Adam's 3D Gallery

DIrector, DP

Brand Films   Directed. Shot. Lit. Edited.

In the studio

Photography | Directed. Shot. Lit. Edited.


Things I very much enjoy | click one.


Nothing feels better than making something amazing! Seriously.  

Creating experiences that "wow" people, and make them want more is a highly fulfilling practice.

I'm constantly chasing growth, treating challenges as opportunities and strangers as new friends. 

Let's create a brighter future, by bringing our vision to life, and sharing it with the world. Thanks for visiting my site. 

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a few words | about me

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Adam's Art

cool stuff i make 4-fun   NFTs


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Adam Verhasselt   |  (530) 913-6869   |

Based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

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