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App Design


Interfaces that I have designed, using Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. Some of these are real apps and some are only ideas.

Feel free to ask me questions.

TikTok Mockup V2.png
TikTok Mockup V1.png
TikTok Mockup.png

3rd Approach

1st Approach

2nd Approach

Above is TikTok

(Yes, before the app TikTok that's out now was released, I was working on this.) Take a picture every day and see your face change, watch your friends faces change too. Turn the wheels to go back in time.

Challenge people to daily activities and like running, drawing, and cooking and take a photo every day to prove it.

ReeMind Mockup V2.png
ReeMind Mockup.png
ReeMind Mockup V3.png

The Feed

Add a Thought

View a Profile

Above is ReeMind

ReeMind is now a fully functional text-bot, that my dad Jerome developed. It acts as a knowledge book for you to add powerful thoughts to, and sends them back to you when you most need to hear them. (Randomly) but it's uncanny how often it's right. The above interface is to make the app more social and empower groups.


Re-designing the multi-cam production tool for iOS. 

This one is a real app. Cinamaker hired me to completely re-design their video editing interface. My design was inspired by Apple's editing software; Final Cut Pro and iMovie, while taking Adobe's Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush into consideration, and adding my own flare.

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iPad Pro Mockup V2.png
Lots of screens Wide.png


This is an app that I need, and I believe the world needs too.

With a camera, video editor combo, people will be able to make videos easier than ever before.

Snapchat is already supporting a lot of this functionality, but if Apple built a native app, it could dominate as the modern quick-production tool. I would use it every day!

QuickCapture Mockup V1S.png

Capture Video

Hold to record video, release to stop.

Clips are auto-added to a timeline,

tap the timeline to start editing.

QuickCapture Mockup V2S.png

Trim the Clip

Pause and tap to trim video clips,

or hold and drag the in/out buttons.

Double tap a clip to open the clip editor.

Re-Order Clips

QuickCapture Mockup V3S.png

Hold down or force touch a clip to

drag it through the timeline,

Move up to quickly scroll through clips.

There's lot's more to this, that I'd love to share with anyone interested in helping me build it.

SD WeConnect Logo.png
Surf Gif GOOD.gif

College students at Santa Barbara City College are developing this app to help their friends feel more alive. I'm helping them. Specifically targeted to exchange students who are new to the area and don't know anyone, the app learns your interests and availability, and matches you with relevant events, sending you invites. I'm designing the interface, logo, video, and website.


WeConnect helps like-minded college students find things to do together, like a better Meetup.

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