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Odessy Series - Chapter one through four.

As the contracted artist for Neoren, a Web3-focused social group comprising venture capitalists and entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles, my task was to create a series of unique NFTs that captured the essence of a "neo-renaissance" - a new beginning in art for the future. The project required me to work closely with the Neoren team to ensure that the NFTs were aligned with their brand and vision.

To achieve this, I worked closely with the Neoren team to develop a concept that would embody this vision. We aimed to create a series of NFTs that would not only be visually stunning but would also reflect the innovation, creativity, and progress that define the neo-renaissance.

I utilized the latest design tools and software to create dynamic and visually engaging NFTs, each one specifically tailored to represent a chapter in 2022. During the design process, I ensured that each NFT was unique, eye-catching, and aligned with Neoren's brand image.

The resulting artworks are a testament to the potential of digital art and its ability to transcend traditional boundaries, opening up new possibilities for artistic expression and creativity. Through this process, I was able to deliver a series of NFTs that effectively captured the spirit of the Neoren brand and exceeded their expectations. I am proud to have collaborated with such a forward-thinking group and look forward to working with them on future projects.

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