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The piece has been used as the profile picture for the official Crown Royal Twitter and Instagram pages since the campaign began, ongoing.

Crown-Royal-Logo copy.png

I was commissioned by Vanyer3 Media

to create the design for Crown Royal's #ThatDeservesACrown campaign.

The brief was to create a piece of

art that reflects Crown Royal's brand

and Adam Vlux's signature style. 

The project was positioned as a partnership between Adam Vlux (myself) and Crown Royal, to give back to Veterans during the holiday season.

Using Cinema 4D, Octane, and Lightroom I art directed, textured, and lit the scene you see here.

Crown Blur 1.jpg
Crown Blur 1.jpg
Crown Blur 2.jpg
Crown Royal Website.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.16.06 PM.jpg

The project received considerable press, some of which you will find listed below. 

Crown published my bio on their landing page, which I deeply appreciated as the artist. 

I'd be happy to work with Crown Royal again, and recommend them to other artists considering a partnership opportunity. 

Cheers to more to come! 🥂

Crown Blur 2.jpg
Crown Blur 1.jpg
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