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Millionaire Lifestyle

I should've started this blog yesterday... Life is extraordinary lately. I'm excited to start sharing it with you. Yesterday I lived the life of a millionaire. It started with a relaxing morning of coffee, efficient work, and focused life planning.

At noon I hosted the The CC Creative Club's debut meeting- A club of my design, intended to give students a welcoming environment in which to network, learn, create and collaborate. The club was well received, had a good turn out, we played with watercolors on fliers to keep our hands busy while getting to know each other:

The day only went uphill from there... I spent time with beautiful people, doing fun, productive and creative things. My friend rolled up in a Mazeratti and took me for a 0-80 in 4 sec. spin.. Wow. Stupid fun!

The night ended with a visual exploration into how to make a 3D animated logo from a 2D graphic, and insert that as an alpha layer into an existing image. It worked out!

I love this life.


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I will be a millionaire by 24. I do what I want to. By doing so, I succeed. I don't have time for those who slow me down or want to see me fail. I am relentlessly productive, outgoing and optimistic.


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