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Mixed Media

(mixed digital media)


"Stellar Schroom"

This piece is a celebration of the style I grew up drawing, now meeting the neon light-brush aesthetic available to me in Procreate, and complemented by some smooth After Effects animation. I'd love to explore this world one day.

"The Ensemble"

The sounds of funky jazz visualized.


"The Swamp"

As a kid I was OBSESSED with drawing planets and places that I'd explore in my imagination. They were influenced by Dr Suess, no doubt. This is my first attempt at mixing that childhood drawing with some super-real 3D rendering! So stoked to see this piece come to life. For those who are wondering- this swamp smells like bananas. 


This piece was inspired by music. The song "Alibi" by Mansionair was playing through my head the whole time I made it. Life is amazing, and imagination is incredibly powerful. It's wild how one song can paint such a vivid picture- And it's awesome to bring that picture to life, and share it with the world. 

9F71F19E-FED5-4ACD-8456-EE9EDFF5441F 2.j

"Utopian Hero"

I see a future where organic materials and synthetic materials become symbiotic, and we build infrastructure using elements exist naturally. This piece is a sculpture created in the future, with water and air being the glue to hold everything together. 


"Unubtanium Deposit"

"Ohh that's the good stuff." Watch out - it's highly reactive. Pure unubtanium dripping from the crystal mountainside- grab your quantum cannon and get to harvesting! - Careful, it will melt your clothes.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some more cool pieces I created recently, they are also available to be listed as NFT's.

IMG_2827 2.jpg
IMG_2826 3.jpg
Car Ad V4 2.jpg
Car Ad V5 2.jpg
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