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Learn to use your technology painlessly.

Personal Lessons starting at $60/hr

iPhone  -  iPad  -  Mac  -  iCloud

Photoshop  -  Premiere Pro  -  Final Cut Pro X


Adam has been my go to guy, pushing me forward with fun and enthusiasm.  Both Bob and I learned so much from him and we always appreciated his easy, “let’s do it” manner.  You provided excellent, knowledgeable service to us and we are grateful.

- Patty Park



Adam Verhasselt taught an iPhone class at the Nevada County Campus of Sierra College in March of 2017. Fortunately, I signed up the minute I knew the class was available since it did “sell out” and many people missed this great opportunity. Adam is an absolutely wonderful educator!! He was always upbeat, friendly, and extremely patient with a room full of mostly senior citizens. He was able to put his vast knowledge of the iPhone into simple terms easily understood by the entire class, many of whom had been literally afraid of their devices.

- Virginia A. Renfrew

I run a non-profit for animal rescue and asked Adam to help me better utilize my iPhone. Adam was great. He was prompt and kept his appointments, even though he was a busy student. Adam is knowledgeable and energetic. He was patient and articulate in helping me learn.  He taught me what I wanted to know and was good at understanding what I wanted to learn. I give Adam my unequivocal stamp of approval from a technical perspective and from a human perspective. I know he will continue to be a successful young man in doing anything he chooses to do.

- Cheryl Wicks

It was a joy to work with Adam! He exceeded my biggest criteria .... showing me how to do most things myself so I could learn new skills very quickly on my computer and iPhone. He easily understood my problems and tailored his answers to my skill level. I liked working with him SO much, that I also hired him to do video work for me and help me create a YouTube channel and learn about using social media for my business. He helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera and even added fresh creative ideas to my message. He has an incredible eye (and ear) for editing video that vastly improved the end product. I was also impressed with his understanding of my message as we co-created business graphics that I could use for social media online advertising as well as for print. This guy is such a creative thinker, I highly recommend all of his services. "Just ask Adam" became my answer to so many of my technical issues.

- Chic Lotz



He was amazing. There wasn't one question I had he couldn't answer (and I had a lot of them). He was so friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable.

I then took a 4 week course he taught. All women over 60. Most of us were very naive about technology. Adam was so patient and answered all questions, even when asked repeatedly. I was disappointed when Adam moved from Nevada City. I've thought of lots more questions!

- Faith St. John



Adam came to me just in time. I was preparing my month trip to Europe, and still did not understand my Iphone. So I hired him to walk me through several steps and also learned how to make my own video. He is awesome and highly recommend his gift. Best wishes Adam come back to auburn soon.


- Linda Lee

Adam is very knowledgeable, courteous, good communication style.

Just got a new iPhone, have a Mac. He was able to answer many questions & assist with initiating the new phone's systems, coordination with computer and my individual interface with a new device.

Thanks Adam, look forward to working with you again.

- Cassandra Wahlstrom


Adam Verhasselt



Personal Tech Trainer 

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